Event Cancellation FAQ

  1. Can I have a refund instead?
  2. Can I transfer my registration to someone? Like my friend?
  3. I don’t want to participate next year, so how?
  4. What are the rules & regulations of the registration transfer?
  5. For the registration transfer, can I change gender, category or choice of apparel?
  6. Can I get a refund since I’ve paid for flight and accommodation?
  7. Can I get a written confirmation on the KLSCM 2020 cancellation so that I can seek refund from airlines / hotel?
  8. When is next year’s KLSCM?
  9. I don’t mind if you keep the registration fee, just send me my race entitlements for this year.
  10. Why are you not postponing the event to the last quarter of the year?
  11. I have Refund Protect, do I get my registration fee back?
  12. I chose the mailing option. Will that be deferred as well?
  13. I have purchased a VIP package slot. If I can’t make it next year, can I transfer the VIP package as well?
  14. Can the PA insurance purchased this year be deferred to next year?
  15. Can the Refund Protect purchased this year be deferred to next year?
  16. I was not able to register for KLSCM 2020. Is there a chance for me to register for KLSCM 2021?
  17. Are you going to open up more slots for KLSCM 2021?
  18. I am blacklisted this year and the Help Team said that I should be able to register for KLSCM 2021. Can you confirm if I am eligible to register or if the blacklist is also carried forward?
  19. Will my registration for KLSCM 2020 count as one (1) participation in the participation history?
  20. Can I change my distance category for KLSCM 2021? When can I change?
  21. Can I change my race tee/singlet size for KLSCM 2021?

  23. I won a slot through a promotion with one of your sponsors. What happens with my registration?
  24. I have a PIN code, when is the registration deadline?
  25. I have a PIN code and I missed the registration this year. Can I use the code to register for KLSCM 2021?
  26. Will I be able to carry forward my KLSCM 2020 registered PIN code to 2021?
  27. Can I transfer my KLSCM 2020 registered PIN code slot to my friend / colleague / family member?
  28. Will I be able to get my 2020 race kit?
  29. Will I get another PIN code in KLSCM 2021?
  30. Will I be able to get a refund on my PA insurance since I am unable to carry forward my PIN Code registration?

  32. What happens with the merchandising I have ordered online?
  33. When and how do I receive those items?
  34. Is the online merchandise closing date still the same as that published on the website?
  35. Can I have a refund for the purchased merchandise instead?
  36. How can I update or give you my mailing information for the merchandise that I have purchased?

  38. Will fundraising for RFAR continue until the original deadline?
  39. I am a Run For a Reason runner – what happens to my 2020 registration?
  40. What will happen to the funds I’ve raised?
  41. Is the RFAR minimum donation of RM500 to obtain a T-shirt still the same as per website?
  42. Do I still get the RFAR Tee if I managed to raise at least RM500 by 14 May?
  43. I registered for RFAR in KLSCM 2020. Can I transfer to a regular category in KLSCM 2021?
  44. Can we change the apparel size/type like previously where we can log in and change it ourselves?

  45. EVENT
  46. Why are you cancelling so early?
  47. Why didn’t you announce the cancellation earlier considering that major events like the Tokyo Olympics and Euro 2020 had already been postponed?
  48. If the Covid-19 crisis goes away by the end of April, will you reinstate the original date?
  49. Will the 10km, 5km & kids’ runs be on Saturday as well next year?
  50. Will there still be any Running Clinics this year?
  51. I have opted for my race pack to be delivered to my mailing address. Will I receive my race pack?
  52. Can we still collect our race pack?
  53. How about the Active Lifestyle Expo, will it still be held?
  54. Are you going to distribute any race and/or finisher entitlements at the REPC?
  55. Can I apply to be a Pacer for KLSCM 2021?
  56. I will be x year old in 2021 and will be eligible for x category/events (e.g.: Open to veteran, 10KM to HM, Kids Dash to 5km). Can I change category?