Elite Athlete Programme


Race Date 13 November 2022 (Sunday)
Flag-off 3:45 am
Venue Start & Finish at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Official Hotel      Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Kuala Lumpur

Terms & Conditions

1)    General

  1. All the Rules and Regulations of the Kuala Lumpur Standrad Chartered Marathon (KLSCM) 2022 and Privacy Policy as stipulated on the Official Website apply.
  2. Elite time entry standards are sub 2:15 for the male athletes and sub 2:40 for the female athletes.
  3. Daily per diem allowance will only be provided from 11 November 2022 – 14 November 2022 or from date of arrival, whichever is the later.
  4. Accommodation will only be provided from 11 November 2022 – 14 November 2022  or from the date of arrival, whichever is later, on a twin-sharing basis with other athletes as determined by the Organiser. Managers, coaches, agents and accompanying persons are not included.
  5. Only athletes who are invited and listed with the Organiser are eligible for the Elite Athlete Programme.   


2)    Travel and Visa

  1. Athletes/ athlete representatives are responsible for their own Visa and necessary travel documents. The Organiser will provide the athletes who are selected for the Elite Athlete Programme, an invitation letter from the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF). Athletes/ athlete representatives are required to adhere to all the requirements as set by the authorities in obtaining the travel documents.
  2. Athletes/ athlete representatives are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Kuala Lumpur at their own cost.
  3. Airport transfers will be arranged for the athletes from 11 November 2022 – 14 November 2022 only.
  4. Original flight itinerary for athletes must reach the Organiser by 13 October 2022.


3)    International Certificate of Vaccination

  1. Athletes/ athlete representatives are responsible to produce upon request, the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, International Certificate of Vaccination or Revaccination against Yellow Fever and other infectious diseases.


4)    Accommodation

  1. Accommodation for athletes are provided only within the period stated above in point 1.3.
  2. Room with breakfast will be provided for athletes (sharing basis – 2 persons in a room).
  3. Each athlete will get an allowance of RM75.00 per day.


5)    Transport and Training

  1. The Organiser will provide transport for training of the athletes during their stay. Athletes will have a coordinator to liaise with and will get details upon their arrival.
  2. The Organiser will provide a route familiarisation tour for the race route the day before the race.
  3. Athletes arriving before Saturday must be present at the elite athlete press conference, if any.
  4. Athletes are required to follow the schedules as set by the Organiser including but not limited to route familiarisation tour, press conference and others.

6)    Anti-Doping

  1. The process of collecting urine and blood samples in order to detect prohibited substances or methods by an athlete is part of the doping control.
  2. There are substances that are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and therefore the athletes need to follow these rules and regulations.
  3. Review all medications, treatments and supplements against the 2022 List of Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods

7)   Prize Money and Reimbursement

  1. The flight ticket expenses for the Top 5 Men and Top 5 Women will be reimbursed after the Event, upon submission of the original confirmed flight bookings and tickets.
  2. All submissions must be accompanied with a proof of receipt from the travel agent or airline.
  3. The prize money and reimbursement of flight ticket expenses (when applicable) will be remitted to the bank account details as provided in the winners’ letter provided to all verified winners on race day. The amount will be paid through telegraphic transfer within 30 to 60 days or after the Organiser has received the results of doping control tests.
  4. Prize money (in USD):
Full Marathon: OPEN CATEGORY
Men 17,500 7,500 5,000 3,000 2,000 1,000
Women 17,500 7,500 5,000 3,000 2,000 1,000
Winner's MedalGoldSilverBronze      

8)    Application Form

Interested athletes/ athlete representatives are required to fill in the online application form and submit the completed form by 25 July 2022.

9)   Further Information

Website: www.kl-marathon.com / email: helpdesk@kl-marathon.com