Highlights and Training Tips

Photos: Frederic Boudin

Following the success of each Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2019 running clinic weekend, we will be sharing with you some highlights as well as useful training tips to help you prepare for race day. To view them, click on the following links.

Running Clinic 1

Clinic 1 Video Highlights

Running Drills: 4 Powerful Drills That Improve Stride Length

Running Clinic 2

Clinic 2 Video Summary

How You Can Race Like Eliud Kipchoge Or Javier Gomez

Do This! Performance Directives For Endurance Athletes

Running Clinic 3

Clinic 3 Video Summary

Running Clinic 4

Clinic 4 Video Summary

You Are Carbo-Loaded

Running Clinic 5

Clinic 5 Video Summary

How To Avoid Race-Ruining Cramp

The Performance Equation

Your Muscles Matter