General FAQ

  1. What is the KLSCM 2020 Virtual Run?
  2. When is the KLSCM 2020 Virtual Run?
  3. When and where do I need to complete my run?
  4. Is there a cut-off time to complete my run?
  5. Is there a designated route for the run?
  6. How do I participate in the run?
  7. How do I complete the run and submit my record?
  8. How do I track my run and submit my record if I want to use my GPS watch?
  9. Can I walk to complete the distance?
  10. Can I complete my run on a treadmill or indoors?
  11. Can I cycle or rollerblade to complete the distance?
  12. Can I accumulate my race distance over multiple runs instead of completing my run in one attempt?
  13. Once I have completed the distance, will I be able to re-do this run?
  14. What if my phone goes faulty, freezes or its battery drains out and I have to restart the phone after I have clicked ‘Start’? Will the tracking on the KLSCM VR App resume or will I have to restart my run?
  15. Will the KLSCM VR App notify me once I have completed my distance?
  16. If I decide not to complete my distance after I have clicked ‘Start’, do I need to stop the tracking in the KLSCM VR App?
  17. Will there be awards for the winners?
  18. How do I prepare the KLSCM VR App for my run?
  19. What safety measures should I be aware of?
  20. My run is not tracked in the KLSCM VR App. What should I do?
  21. Can I run using both the KLSCM VR App and my GPS watch once they are connected/linked?
  22. Should I track my run on a secondary device?
  23. How do I find out more about the KLSCM 2020 Virtual Run?

  25. What are the registration dates?
  26. Is there a deadline to register?
  27. Who can register and participate?
  28. What are the category and distance options?
  29. How do I register?
  30. How do I register a team?
  31. I do not live in Kuala Lumpur; can I still register and participate?
  32. Are there age requirements for the various distances?
  33. What are the registration fees?
  34. Can I register for more than one distance?
  35. Can I register for both individual and team categories?
  36. Can members of a team register different distances?
  37. Can I change my distance or category after I have completed my registration?
  38. How do I check my registration details?
  39. What does my registration include?
  40. Will I receive a race bib?
  41. How do I know if my registration has been successful?
  42. I have registered but did not receive my confirmation email. What should I do?

  44. Where do I download the KLSCM VR App on my phone?
  45. How do I create an account and claim my e-bib?
  46. My KLSCM VR App has frozen or crashed. What should I do?
  47. After I have clicked ‘Start’, am I able to access other features in the KLSCM VR App (e.g. leaderboard, feed, etc.)?
  48. Can I minimise the KLSCM VR App and let it run in the background during my run, so that I can access other functions on my phone (e.g. camera, video call, phone call, WhatsApp, etc.)?
  49. How do I post my walk/run to the App feed?
  50. How do the Leaderboards in the KLSCM VR App work?
  51. What if I experience issues with the KLSCM VR App?
  52. Why does the App feed map show as blank grey or the KLSCM VR logo?
  53. I’m having GPS issues, what should I do?
  54. Can I test the KLSCM VR App before my run?
  55. I am using a phone that has no Google Play. Where do I download the KLSCM VR App?
  56. What are the minimum phone operating system (OS) requirements for using the KLSCM VR App?

  58. When can I get my results?
  59. When can I download my e-certificate?
  60. Do I need to submit additional run records for verification?
  61. How are the results for the team category calculated?