How It Works

List your apparel requirement on the Apparel Exchange Marketplace

  1. Go to the Apparel Exchange Marketplace
  2. Click Add My Apparel
  3. Log in to your KLSCM 2023 account
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions as displayed and tick the box
  5. Select the IC/Passport Number of the registration associated with the apparel that you would like to list
  6. Select the type of apparel and your preferred exchange size
  7. Click Add to Marketplace (You can remove your listing by clicking Remove from Marketplace)
  8. Your apparel exchange requirement will be listed on the Apparel Exchange Marketplace
  9. Participants who are interested in exchanging their apparel will contact you via the contact form
  10. You will receive a notification email once the contact form is submitted by the requestor
  11. After both parties have agreed to the exchange terms, please remove your listing from the Apparel Exchange Marketplace

Note: Please be reminded that the new size and type of apparel for both parties will not be updated in the system