High Performance

Are you a fast runner who is looking to finish within the prize money standings for your race category at KLSCM 2024? If you are, do register under High Performance in your respective category as only those registered as High Performance runners are eligible for the prize money.


  1. During registration in the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10km categories, you will be given the option to apply to be a  High Performance participant. 

  2. You will be contacted to show proof that you have achieved the required qualifying time within the qualifying window period from events with a World Athletics International Measurement Certificate. Please click here for list of World Athletics certified road races. 

  3. Qualifying window period is from 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2024. 

  4. Submission period is from 18 April 2024 to 30 June 2024.

  5. Only selected participants will be allowed to race under High Performance.

  6. Only High Performance participants are eligible for the prize money.

  7. High Performance is limited between 20 and 50 participants per category.

  8. Not all participants who submit their applications will be automatically accepted nor guaranteed entry to be a High Performance participant.

  9. All qualifying times submitted will be subject to review and verification.


Full Marathon
Race CategoryTime
Men Open 3:15
Men Malaysian 3:15
Men Veteran 3:25
Men Malaysian Veteran 3:25
Full Marathon
Race CategoryTime
Women Open 4:00
Women Malaysian 4:00
Women Veteran 4:15
Women Malaysian Veteran 4:15
Half Marathon
Race CategoryTime
Men Open 1:30
Men Malaysian 1:30
Men Veteran 1:40
Men Malaysian Veteran 1:40
Half Marathon
Race CategoryTime
Women Open 2:00
Women Malaysian 2:00
Women Veteran 2:10
Women Malaysian Veteran 2:10
Boost Juice 10KM
Race CategoryTime
Men Open 0:40
Men Veteran 0:45
Women Open 0:50
Women Veteran 0:55