Malaysia & KL


Malaysia, a land of ready smiles and incredible contrasts beckons the visitor with a rich diversity of experiences. A charming, fascinating land of warm, friendly people, here you can taste of all of Asia in a single destination. 

Visitor will soon discover that Malaysia is an amazing kaleidoscope of interesting and colorful places, peoples, customs, festivals, arts and delightful cuisines. The country is also endowed with verdant rainforests, beautiful dive sites and marine parks containing fascinating animal life and a diversity of flora and fauna unique to this part of the world.

Kuala Lumpur, as the capital, it is the most modern and developed city in the country, with contemporary high-rises and world-class hotels and local and international cuisine. Its status as a shopping destination grows yearly, with huge malls across the Golden Triangle area of the city playing home to major brands. If you don’t want to trawl for bargains, sights are plentiful and easily reached via monorail.