How To Participate

You can participate in the Practice Run Challenge individually or create/join a running group. To create/join a running group, please follow the steps below:

  1. To begin, log in to your KLSCM 2021 VR account.
    1. For registered participants, please log in here, and then click ‘Show More’.
    2. For new participants, please register for the KLSCM 2021 VR through this link. Once you have registered, you will see a Registration Summary page with a ‘success’ message on your screen.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Running Group’ section and click ‘Create/Join Group’ button.
  3. To create a new group, just enter your group name under the ‘Create and Join New Group’ and click ‘Create & Join’ button. You will automatically be added to the group you created.
  4. Now that you have created your group, it will be visible in the dropdown list under ‘Join Existing Group’. Your friends, family and colleagues will be able to join your group now.
  5. To join an existing group, just click the dropdown list under ‘Join Existing Group’ and select the group you wish to join in.
  6. Once you are a part of a Practice Run group, you will be able to see who among your group members are accumulating the most mileage, challenge and motivate each other to run more.
  7. You may create, join and leave the group anytime from now until 18 November 2021.


How to submit your Practice Run Challenge records

(Submission section will be shown on your Registration Summary page from 4-31 October)

  1. You need to complete the Practice Run Challenge between 12.00 am, 4 October and 11.59 pm, 31 October 2021 (GMT+8).
  2. On your practice run day, set your GPS running device or GPS running app to record your run.
  3. Follow your device or app instructions to start and stop recording.
  4. Upon completion of a practice run, log in here to upload your GPX/TCX file or screenshot of your completed run from your device or app.
  5. For submission using screenshot, it must clearly show the details of your run as follows:
    1. Date, time of day and location;
    2. Map;
    3. Distance; and
    4. Elapsed time (the duration from the moment you hit start to the moment you hit stop on your device. This includes stoplights, coffee breaks, bathroom stops, stopping for photos, etc. All stops and resting time count as part of your run time.)
  6. The distance you ran will be added to the Practice Run Challenge Leaderboard.
  7. There is no limit on the distance, so go out and run or walk as much as you like.
  8. You may complete multiple practice runs during the Practice Run Challenge period. Make sure to submit your practice run records by 11.59 pm, 31 October 201.
  9. Every completed run record uploaded will be added and your accumulated total distance will be displayed on the Practice Run Challenge Leaderboard.

Terms and Conditions apply.